"For your indie film sfx make-up needs, let me help make your ideas come to life!"  

Charlotte Annice Spruch
Make-Up Hair SFX

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Charlotte Annice Spruch

I’m a qualified make-up artist and hair stylist, with experience on a number of short films and commercial projects. I’m confident with working with global skin tones and European and Asian hair types. I have a background in fine art and art history.

My passion whilst at university was to collaborate, especially on film productions and media shoots. I've also had the pleasure to learn from industry leaders. I hope my CV reflects my love for the industry and I look forward to working on a big budget film or high-end TV in the near future.

If you think I’d be right for your indie production please get in touch to discuss your film’s make-up needs.



dir. Kajri Babbar
Hair & Make-up dept

Overcoming Mars
dir. Michaela Říhová
Hair & Make-up dept

Never Trouble Trouble Until Trouble Troubles You
dir. Marek Budzynski

Narcissus Revisited
dir. Caspar Muller
Hair, Make-up and SFX

Billy + Margot (corporate film)
dir. Simon Morris
Hair & Make-Up

dir. Henry Lynch
SFX Make-up dept

dir. Ben Warwick
Hair & Make-up dept

Room 16
dir. Caspar Muller
Hair, Make-Up and SFX dept

Small Steps
dir. Philip Staal
Make-Up dept

The Game (Cannes Short Film Corner)
dir. Hugo Melo
Hair & Make-Up dept

Safe Haven
dir. Artur Nilov
Make-Up and SFX dept

Run it Off (nominated best film for British Independent Film Festival),
dir. Liam O'Hare
Hair & Make-up dept

Eddie Elise
dir. Yiran Zhou
Hair & Make-Up dept

House Plants
dir. Myriam Raja
Hair, Make-Up and SFX dept

Daisy Pulls it Off (theatre)
Make-Up dept

Festen (theatre)
Make-Up dept

Ancient Art of Rituals (dance)
dir. William Hernandez
Make-Up & Hair

Alice (theatre)
Hair & Make-up



Arts University Bournemouth
BA (Hons) Make-Up for Media and Performance

This degree was to follow my dreams...

Hebrew University
BA (Hons) Art History

This degree was for my soul...


As make-up room trainee or, for indie projects, as hair & make-up artist: Make-up for camera; hairstyling; dirtying down; out of box casualty and ageing effects; hairdressing and wrapping; bald caps; hair frames and avant-garde hair; film tattoo design and application; safe make-up removal and skincare


As a trainee or assistant: Complex fx make-ups, multi-piece applications, fx appliance colouring, blood gags, bleeding wounds. Complex postiche, knotting, wig care and dressing.

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This make-up artist is a magician! She works wonders, my skin is actually doing great!
— Komal Amin, Actress
Charlotte is a very patient and calm professional which I liked because no matter what would be going on or whatever the condition, she always found a way to make sure the job gets done well. I personally loved her foundation blending skills it’s something I’ve been raving about back here in Bollywood.
— Zara Khan, Actress


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